Antai Knitting & circlelabo

Antai Knitting traces its origins back to 1989 when founder Yasujiro Tanaka established a knitwear export business in Osaka City.

We remain dedicated to the craft of circular knit, proudly offering high-quality Japanese-made knitwear from our headquarters in Osaka and four self-owned factories across Tottori Prefecture.

In 2004, we expanded into internet sales of custom-made polo shirts.

circlelabo emerges as a factory brand born from this rich 125-year heritage in apparel. Drawing upon decades of expertise and guiding principles, we propose men's casual wear that epitomizes 'the ultimate quality.' 

In 2024, CIRCLELABO Custom-Made Shirts is born, extending our services to customize circlelabo's ready-made products to suit your preferences.

Welcome to Our Custom-Made Collection

Elevate your style with our exclusive custom-made menswear at CIRCLELABO Custom-Made Shirts. We are thrilled to introduce a personalized shopping experience where you can tailor our premium casual wear to suit your unique preferences.

Why Choose Custom-Made?

Our custom-made garments are meticulously crafted to reflect your individuality, offering a one-of-a-kind fashion statement. From fit to fabric, you have the power to curate every detail.

Handcrafted Excellence at a Premium

Please note that our custom-made pieces are crafted with utmost dedication and artistry, ensuring an unparalleled level of quality tailored to your specifications. As these pieces are made to order, pricing and delivery timelines may differ from our ready-made items.

Invest in Your Signature Style

Choosing custom-made apparel is an investment in your unique style journey. Embrace the luxury of personalized fashion, and let us bring your sartorial vision to life.

Thank you for choosing CIRCLELABO Custom-Made Shirts. We look forward to creating a wardrobe that reflects your distinct taste and personality.