Crafting garments using rare fabrics, we source our materials from select suppliers, ensuring the highest quality while focusing on the exclusivity of our creations.

Our fabrics are crafted from a select, rare yarn spun from cotton grown in exclusive environments, where cultivation is limited. All fabric processes, including knitting and dyeing, are meticulously carried out within Japan using this rare yarn as the foundation.

Understanding Yarn Count in Fabric

The thickness of cotton yarn is measured in a unit called 'yarn count.'

A lower yarn count number indicates thicker yarn, while higher numbers signify finer yarn. Generally, fabrics knitted with thicker yarns tend to have more substantial thickness or weight.

For instance, '32/2' means the fabric is knitted using yarn with a count of 32, twisted together in pairs.


32/2 Double Mercerized Supima Cotton Piqué

Introducing Supima Cotton - Extra-Long Staple Cotton from the USA

Our threads are crafted using Supima cotton, a rare and luxurious fiber cultivated in select regions of the United States with high temperatures and dry climates. Accounting for less than 1% of the world's cotton production, this exceptionally rare cotton boasts extra-long staple fibers, measuring about 38mm in length, renowned for their superior uniformity and natural twist.

This fabric undergoes a unique mercerization process twice, during both the yarn and fabric stages, applying specialized alkaline treatment and tension. This process results in a thick, sturdy fabric that maintains a remarkably smooth touch, enabling vivid and rich color expressions.


Piqué fabric achieves a subtle texture on its surface by alternating between raised and lowered stitches, forming tiny patterns through a combination of face and reverse stitches.

This classic fabric, commonly seen in polo shirts, makes contact with the skin in dots rather than a flat surface, allowing for increased breathability due to minimal contact area against the skin.

480805 32/2 Double Mercerized Supima Cotton
Short Sleeve Pique Polo Shirt

480806 32/2 Double Mercerized Supima Cotton
Long Sleeve Pique Polo Shirt


32/2 Double Mercerized Supima Cotton Jersey

Experience unparalleled softness and durability with our Double Mercerized Cotton Jersey. The double mercerization process enhances the fabric's smoothness and color vibrancy, resulting in a luxurious feel and lasting, vibrant appearance. Elevate your wardrobe with this perfect blend of comfort and timeless style.

480818 32/2 Double Mercerized Supima Cotton Garment Washed V-Neck T-Shirt

480819 32/2 Double Mercerized Supima Cotton Garment Washed Crew Neck Pocket T-Shirt


40/2 Suvin Gold Cotton Piqué

Introducing the Luxurious Cotton from India: 'Suvin Gold'

India, renowned for its cotton production, stands as the world's largest producer. As you move from the northern to the southern regions, you find cotton with longer fibers cultivated. Tamil Nadu, situated at the southernmost tip of India, benefits from both eastern and western monsoons, enabling the growth of the finest variety within Indian cotton - the 'Suvín,' boasting exceptionally long fibers.

'Suvín' is a hybrid of India's Sujata strain and the Vincent strain of Sea Island cotton (thus named SuVin), exhibiting fibers that rank among the world's longest. Among these Suvín varieties, only the top-grade 1st and 2nd pick cotton are meticulously sorted and labeled as 'Suvín Gold.' In a world where approximately 25 million tons of cotton are harvested annually, 'Suvin Gold' stands out as an incredibly rare variety, with only about 400 tons harvested each year.

480802 Suvin Gold Cotton Short Sleeve Pique Polo Shirt

480803 Suvin Gold Cotton Long Sleeve Pique Polo Shirt


88/2 Supima Cotton Interlock

Introducing Supima Cotton Interlock: The Difference from Pique Explained

Our Supima cotton collection includes Interlock fabric, distinct from Pique in its unique texture and construction. Unlike Pique, which features a textured surface with a raised pattern, Interlock presents a smooth, double-knit weave.

Interlock fabric is crafted using two sets of yarns, creating a thicker, heavier material compared to Pique. This denser structure offers excellent durability and a luxurious feel, making it ideal for a wide range of garments. Unlike the textured appearance of Pique, Interlock's smooth surface delivers a clean, polished look with added elasticity and resilience.

408807 88/2 Interlock Supima Cotton Double Pocket Short Sleeve Shirt

480808 88/2 Interlock Supima Cotton Double Pocket Long Sleeve Shirt

480832 88/2 Interlock Supima Cotton High Back Collar T-Shirt


100/1 Suvin Gold Cotton Interlock

Premium Fabric Made with Suvin Gold Cotton

Within the naturally long fibers of Suvin cotton, only those surpassing a certain length are meticulously selected for processing into yarn and fabric. This ultra-rare extra-long staple cotton, a standout within Suvin Gold, isn't just long and durable; its fibers are delicate, offering an incredibly soft and supple touch. Enriched with abundant natural oils, it boasts a distinctive sheen akin to silk, embodying the pinnacle of luxury through its extra-long staple cotton material.

Utilizing a mere 0.003% of the entire harvest, this fabric made from the scarce Suvin Gold stands out for its remarkable fine and smooth texture apparent from the moment you wear it. Like a cherished favorite from the very first wear, it molds gently to the skin, offering a shirt that feels incredibly soft and luxurious.

480804 100/1 Interlock Suvin Gold Cotton Long Sleeve Knitted Shirt

480817 100/1 Interlock Suvin Gold Cotton Banded Bottom Double Layer Top


Sea Island Cotton Loopwheeled French Terry

Luxurious LUXSIC: American Sea Island Cotton Revived

The term 'Sea Island Cotton' traces back to the 18th century when Barbados-bred varieties were introduced to the Sea Islands region in the United States, where they were cultivated. However, due to pest infestations in the early 20th century, the cultivation of Sea Island Cotton in the US disappeared. Fast forward a century, driven by agricultural advancements and passionate experts, the 'American Sea Island Cotton (LUXSIC)' has resurfaced, inheriting the DNA of its predecessors. This material, widely endorsed by many top-tier brands, is what we've chosen for our collection.

The loopwheeler, capable of producing only 1 meter of fabric per hour

The loopwheeler is an age-old knitting machine capable of producing only about 1 meter of fabric per hour. Today, these machines are scarce globally, with only a handful operating, mostly confined to a few factories in Wakayama Prefecture, Japan.

The Characteristics of Loopwheeled Fabric

Loopwheeler machines craft fabric slowly and meticulously, allowing a bit of slack in the stitches to ensure the threads aren't strained. This gentle process retains the inherent softness of the yarn, preserving its delicate texture within the fabric. Consequently, the resulting material possesses an exquisite volume, almost as if it's knitted alongside air. It's soft yet substantial, with minimal shrinkage even after washing, leading to almost no distortion of shape.

480813 Loopwheeled French Terry Sea Island Cotton Hoodie

480814 Loopwheeled French Terry Sea Island Cotton Long Sleeve Crew Neck Sweatshirt

480815 Loopwheeled French Terry Sea Island Cotton Zip Hoodie

480830 Loopwheeled French Terry Sea Island Cotton Half Sleeve Crew Neck Tee

480831 Loopwheeled French Terry Sea Island Cotton Sweatpants


Thread-Shank Natural Shell Button

Every button undergoes meticulous root rolling, enhancing its durability. The threaded shank not only adds strength but also creates space between the button and the fabric, making it easier to fasten and unfasten. Additionally, these buttons are crafted from rare, natural shell materials.